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002: Do I want to engage with spirituality again? – HMJ Foundation
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002: Do I want to engage with spirituality again?

By December 15, 2016podcast

How can I respect others’ spiritual experiences when I am skeptical of anything spiritual? What are some ways to cope with a conflict or disbelief in the Spirit without lashing out and damaging relationships? What are some ways to learn to trust your own conscience or Spiritual promptings again, even when everyone around you is telling you that your Spirit gauge is wrong, and that you may even have a mental illness?

Active church member, scientist, and writer Lauren Ard and I try to answer these questions with her faith journey story as backdrop, a fascinating tale many I’m sure will relate to. She also explains how she’s able to make it work in the church not just for family reasons, but because she can do a lot of good in her community. I agree! Check out the resources she’s developed for members navigating the middle way:

Resources on Heavenly Mother

Quotess from female General Authorities

Ideas for Activity Days leaders

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  • James Crane says:

    This podcast touched on the things I struggle with the most. There was a long time were I questioned the existence of the Holy Ghost. For no other reason than I could come to a compelling answer one way our the other I decided to give the Holy Ghost the benefit of the doubt that it exists, but I think it is very unreliable. It outs to easy to counterfeit/mimic (can be induced through music like disney does) , it provides contradictory messages (all churches claim it testifies of their truths) , and even gives incorrect information (Elder Holland’s story about getting lost and pray answered wrong).
    I remain active for my wife. I have seven daughters. I am grateful for my wife, but fear that she is in the position she is in because of church conditioning. I want more for my daughters, but feel guilty for wanting them to be more than their fabulous mother. I don’t know how to combat the misogany they experience.

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