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006: Part 1 with Chelsea Shields on Disownment – HMJ Foundation
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006: Part 1 with Chelsea Shields on Disownment

By January 16, 2017podcast

Chelsea Shields–anthropologist and TED Fellow–and Dr. Money answer an anonymous listener’s question about managing anxiety that he would be disowned. Chelsea has unique insight while answering this question given her own family history coming from a very orthodox family and speaks to how she maintains a healthy relationship with her parents.

One final suggestion that we didn’t get to on the podcast: Last year an LDS Charities video had a father suggesting that if his adult children left the church he would disinherit them. I’m willing to give the church the benefit of the doubt they didn’t catch it when they finalized the video, since the video was about teaching children altruism through example. However, when the clip about disowning was brought to the church’s attention, they immediately took down the entire video. You can keep this fact in your back pocket to help manage anxiety: in a worst case scenario if your loved ones do threaten to disown you can show them through timestamped internet history how the church itself doesn’t support this because they took down a video of a father saying as much–they didn’t want to endorse that man’s views.

In Part 2 Chelsea answers a second anonymous question about how to stop thinking about the church so often when you live in LDS-heavy areas and you see reminders everywhere. Chelsea has spent most of the last 15 years in Utah County and SLC and answers from her cultural anthropological expertise too.

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  • Nancy says:

    The problem I see is that expressing doubts publicly is apostasy! So people experiencing doubts are trapped in a culture of silence because they fear possible church discipline or ostracism. Even when a person leaves no believing member is interested in hearing the reason. Thanks to numerous church lessons they think they already “know” the reason.

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