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011-014: Kevin Rahm on Growing up Mormon, Mission, BYU, Acting Career, and Reaching Peace and Balance – HMJ Foundation
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011-014: Kevin Rahm on Growing up Mormon, Mission, BYU, Acting Career, and Reaching Peace and Balance

By February 12, 2017podcast

EP011: Dr. Kristy Money marks off one of her bucket list items as she interviews actor and former Mormon, Kevin Rahm. In this first of four episode series, Kevin discusses growing up Mormon, his LDS mission, along with his initial questions and doubts. 

EP012: In this second of four episode series, Kevin discusses his time at BYU, discovering acting, and the beginning of his faith journey.

EP013: In this third of four episode series, Kevin and Dr. Money answer a listener’s question regarding balancing truth vs happiness. They also discuss external vs internal validation along with raising their children with the experience of themselves having been raised in an orthodox environment.

EP014: In this fourth of four episode series, to introduce a mental health break, Dr. Money gets all fan-girl on Kevin’s impressive fimlography.

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  • Kindra says:

    The first episode of Kevin Rahm #11 starts in the middle of a sentence. Not sure where the begining/intro is? Am I missing something?

  • Such a fantastic podcast of a fellow Post Mormon. I can relate to so much of his story. Mission, BYU (HFAC), etc… Even though he’s not gay (as I am), when he talks about the shame and guilt of never being good enough as a young man it really rings familiar. I didn’t know previously that he used to be LDS. Loved him in Mad Men.

    I don’t think I am a rabid anti-Mormon but when believing members had chided me for my willingness at times to be vocal and frank it has been for the same reason he describes here: Others going through the same things need to know they’re not the crazy ones!

    Thanks Kevin for opening up in this honest interview. My Mom also passed away before my apostasy and coming out and a part of me also wishes I could have done it with her around. That would have been truer.

  • A.B. says:

    Holy cow. I loved this. One of my favorite actors.

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