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015: In-Laws, Faith Journeys, and Boundaries – HMJ Foundation
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015: In-Laws, Faith Journeys, and Boundaries

By February 20, 2017podcast

In today’s podcast Dr. Money, along w/ her active LDS father-in-law answer a caller’s question regarding how to negotiate their in-laws who disagree with her and her husband’s faith journey away from the LDS Church. If discussions of appropriate boundaries and the best way to set them peak your interest, the Healthy Mormon Journey foundation has prepared a workbook called “Faith Journeys and Boundaries: A Practical Workbook” available as a free download at hmjfoundation.org/boundaries.

Any material in this podcast or hmjfoundation.org/materials, are provided free of charge for those looking to maintain important relationships after changes in belief. If you find value in this content and feel the HMJ foundation can help others, a one-time or monthly recurring donation of anywhere between $1-20 goes a long way to help us help others. As a 501(c)(3) registered non-profit organization, any donations to the Healthy Mormon Journeys foundation are tax deductible just like tithing donations would be. Thank you.

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  • Michelle Webb says:

    All I can say is thank you. A million times thank you. I’ve been feeling like I couldn’t breathe, and this has helped open up an airway for me.

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