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017: Sis. Jan Chamberlin on Leaving MoTab and Parenting When Children Leave The Church

By March 5, 2017podcast
In today’s episode, Dr. Money introduces a new survey which has tremendous potential to help others working through their faith journeys – so we need as much participation as we can get! (it takes 1 min – click here to participate).


Dr. Money also spends time with Jan Chamberlin, discussing her reasons for resigning from the Mormon Tabernacle Choir (MoTab). Additionally, Jan helps respond to a listener’s question about her relationship with her son who has left the church. Jan gives personal insight into how she, as an active Latter-day Saint, has worked on maintaining a strong and fruitful relationship with some of her children who have journeyed away from orthodox LDS beliefs.

The Families and Faith Journeys survey is about family reactions to belief changes. It will take about 1 minute and the HMJ Foundation will use the completely anonymous/confidential results to protect and improve relationships despite changes in belief. Click on this link to participate.

Also, for those interested, here is a link to Jan Chamberlin’s CNN interview about her decision to resign from MoTab.

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