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020: Mindy Gledhill on Parental Transparency and Avoiding Fear & Shame Based Responses

By March 26, 2017podcast
In today’s episode Dr. Money talks to Mindy Gledhill, an amazing indie singer/songwriter who stands up for important issues in her native Utah, particularly among LDS communities.


They answer a listener’s question who asks for help discussing her feelings about gender inequality inside the church  with her father who currently serves as an Area Authority Seventy. This listener wants to be open and honest with her family, but worries about damaging or losing her relationships with them.


In response, Dr. Money and Mindy discuss the important concepts of “differentiation” and “enmeshment.” When these ideas are employed, they go a long way towards improving one’s personal mental health and building healthy relationships.

In terms of links, please check out Mindy’s work – she’s amazing!
Mindy’s open letter to Elaine Dalton
Mindy’s amazing music
Mindy’s new project (incredible)
One of Dr. Money’s favorite videos…Seriously, the cinematography in Mindy’s videos is lovely/amazing/captivating/all of the above!!

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