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021: Dr. Kristy Money on Her Journey, the Birth of the HMJ Foundation and the New “When a Loved One’s Beliefs Change” Infographic

By April 2, 2017podcast

In today’s episode, we get a behind-the-scenes peek at the origins of the Healthy Mormon Journeys Foundation and the Healthy MoJo podcast, as Marco interviews Dr. Money about her journey away from orthodoxy and how that led her to found the foundation. Dr. Money goes over the principles guiding the foundation and its work, including the symbolism of the feather. She then discusses the foundation’s newest resource for preserving relationships after changes in faith, a practical and powerful infographic called “When a Loved One’s Beliefs Change.”

We are purposefully releasing this resource during the busy season of LDS General Conference to empower those on either side of the faith aisle so that all of us can avoid harmful behaviors and embrace relationship-building ones. That is our bread and butter here at the HMJ Foundation – helping people preserve their closest and dearest relationships even when beliefs change.


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