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022: Bill Reel, the Backfire Effect, and Healthy Practical Tips for Journeyers

By April 9, 2017podcast

This episode is part 1 of a 2 part series. Today Dr. Money and Bill Reel discuss where he currently stands with his faith journey, healthy and practical ways to journey, and the backfire effect.

Bill Reel experienced a faith journey while serving as a Mormon Bishop in his early 30’s and currently podcasts at mormondiscussionpodcast.org where he discusses how to let go of “a MORMONISM that is unrealistic, too simplistic, and too black and white”, and develop a “renewed faith. A beautiful and expansive faith”. Also, hope you enjoy the new bumper music by Josh Vietti. You can check him out at joshvietti.com.

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  • Brent says:

    I’m enjoying listening to this episode. Thank you for posting it!

    I just got to the point where Kristy mentions a BYU conference about doubt and doubters that had some counter-productive messages. I don’t remember this conference, and am curious to see what was said. Do you have a link?

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