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May 2017 – HMJ Foundation
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May 2017

026: RationalFaiths Interview With Kristy Money about Healthy Mormon Journeys

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A co-production with the RationalFaiths podcast, in this episode Leah Marie Pickren Silverman and Michael Barker of RationalFaiths interview Dr. Kristy Money about her work with the Healthy Mormon Journeys Foundation.

Specifically, the conversation trends around these questions:
-What are some of the relationship mistakes Mormons make while going through a faith crisis?
-What unique abilities can a therapist, who is familiar with a high-demand religion such as Mormonism, bring to their LDS clients going through a faith crisis?
-What is one piece of advice Dr. Kristy Money would give to someone just entering a faith crisis?

If you are interested in hearing more from the RationalFaiths podcast and blog, check them out at rationalfaiths.com/.

025: Women’s Sexuality During a Faith Journey

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Mitzi (of Mitzi and Scott interviewed in Episode 24) was gracious to return to the podcast for an interview alone as she and Dr. Kristy Money discuss her sexual history, how her sexuality was immature growing up in the Church and the importance of exploring and focusing on her own needs, as often in our culture men’s sexuality takes center stage in relationships.

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024: Update with Dr. Money plus Porn and Marriage

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Dr. Money updates listeners on the crazy events of the last couple weeks since the last episode (moving! babies! new job!), and releases an episode on porn and mixed faith marriages she recorded with Mitzi and Scott Cannon last year, now available publicly.  A LOT has changed since we last talked on their faith journey, and we will keep you updated soon!