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October 2017 – HMJ Foundation
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October 2017

New Workbook for Understanding Grief during Journeys

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In this new workbook, Dr. Money explains how the stages of grief can apply to faith journeys, especially when the journeyer and the journeyer’s loved one appear to be in completely different places emotionally:  it’s possible they are experiencing mismatched or “out-of-sync” grief stages.    A beautiful infographic is included to make sense of this information quickly and succinctly.  Feel free to share with your loved ones or for your personal use.    A podcast episode from Dr. Money discussing the booklet and answering an anonymous question will also be released later this week to accompany this booklet, with updates at the end about the last few months.

Read Booklet here.

The booklet has also been added to the resources page of the main site where it will permanently be located along with the other booklets.