HMJ advocates for environmental justice and will fight for you and your family.   Our mission is: Prevention, Intervention, and Protection.    Not just for today, but for a lifetime: healthy minds make healthy journeys.  Every child’s journey deserves to be neurotoxin-free and enriched with scientifically proven protective factors for a growing brain. And these holistic solutions are: strong relationships, musical expression, mindfulness/meditation, whole foods, outdoor play, and regularly being read to.

Hence the symbol of our work…a balanced mind

It all started with a test:

 “Your childrens’ blood is positive for lead exposure.  The test is definitely picking up on something in their environment, but we can’t tell you where to find it, only that it’s there.   Here’s the county health department’s number, and we’ll draw their blood again in 1 year.” Hearing those words from the pediatrician hit like a ton of bricks.  How did this happen? How long has the lead been in their system? What do I do now?   

That wasn’t a story: it’s exactly what happened to a neuropsychologist and education professor and their five small children, who lived in a historic neighborhood in an older city, where neurotoxins like lead are more prevalent in the air, soil, and water supply.  She had done hundreds of neuropsych assessments over her career to diagnose ADHD, neurodevelopmental disorders, low IQ, and problems with memory, learning, and emotion regulation; he had studied all there is to know about learning disorders and school achievement barriers.  But a known risk for those diagnoses (environmental neurotoxins) became very personal that day. Even with two Phds between these two parents, they felt helpless, guilty, and scared. They took action immediately, and fortunately all their children’s results dropped to undetectable levels. But they didn’t want another parent to feel alone in their journey to protect their children from environmental hazards and foster lifelong neuropsych health. And in so doing, Healthy Minds and Journeys was born. 

Parents and caregivers all over the country have similar stories, and often feel any number of valid responses: confusion, feeling overwhelmed, anxious, depressed, and more.  And it’s not just lead: exposure to environmental neurotoxins like air pollution, mold, pesticides, and VOCs are all well-documented hazards. But when it happens to you, it’s normal to feel alone, or that there’s not enough being done in the world to fix these problems–or not quickly enough for your precious loved ones.   

 That’s why HMJ was founded:  to be the change we wish to see in the world, our state, our county, and city.


Services provided by trained therapists.


We focus on research-supported protective factors


We donate our time to those who need it most.

One of my best friends, very active in the church sent me an HMJ podcast last night. She said that it was excellent and summarized how responding with love was the best way to maintain relationships with those who leave the church and how many of those people leaving are big-hearted, good people of integrity. I responded with, 'Well, I hope everyone in my circle listens and responds this way.' And we hugged. WIN!


Being in between jobs, my wife and I couldn't afford counseling and my faith crisis was really driving a wedge. Being able to work through our issues without judgment or feeling persuaded one way or another to stay or leave the church together was exactly what we needed.


I wish this foundation had existed when my daughter told us she was having a faith crisis, I think counseling could have saved us from some unnecessary strain in the relationship. Luckily I was able to send this to our grandson and he could tell we were here to support him, and he responded that he respected our beliefs and was so happy to know we were there for him. Thanks for a great experience HMJ!