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Love One Another Project

An easy-to-digest booklet designed for both believers and those who are experiencing a faith journey or separating from the religion, on how both can contribute to healthy relationships.  Common pitfalls both sides are vulnerable to are discussed, as well as stories of how people like you navigated a change in belief (theirs or their loved ones) respectfully and with success.

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A New Ritual for The Journey

The days of being overwhelmed by your faith journey are about to get smoother – We have an idea you can put together in your own home, or for your friends, to reframe a faith crisis/awakening as something to celebrate. You can connect with others who have been through what you have, and be a bridge and source of support for someone who is at the beginning of their own journey.

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See For Yourself

Check out our video on the numbers of those who doubt, leave, stay, and what you can do to help.

Actionable Items:

  • Listen in for relationship advice from the HMJ Podcast
  • Consider starting a new ritual to reframe your journey in healthy ways
  • Find feather swag to signal to others they’re not alone
  • Donate to HMJ on behalf of a loved one or friend who loved you unconditionally no matter your beliefs
  • Share the video on faith crisis education and options
  • Read up on what works/what doesn’t when coming out about your current relationship with the church

One of my best friends, very active in the church sent me an HMJ podcast last night. She said that it was excellent and summarized how responding with love was the best way to maintain relationships with those who leave the church and how many of those people leaving are big-hearted, good people of integrity. I responded with, 'Well, I hope everyone in my circle listens and responds this way.' And we hugged. WIN!


Being in between jobs, my wife and I couldn't afford counseling and my faith crisis was really driving a wedge. Being able to work through our issues without judgment or feeling persuaded one way or another to stay or leave the church together was exactly what we needed.


I wish this foundation had existed when my daughter told us she was having a faith crisis, I think counseling could have saved us from some unnecessary strain in the relationship. Luckily I was able to send this to our grandson and he could tell we were here to support him, and he responded that he respected our beliefs and was so happy to know we were there for him. Thanks for a great experience HMJ!


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