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017: Sis. Jan Chamberlin on Leaving MoTab and Parenting When Children Leave The Church

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In today’s episode, Dr. Money introduces a new survey which has tremendous potential to help others working through their faith journeys – so we need as much participation as we can get! (it takes 1 min – click here to participate).


Dr. Money also spends time with Jan Chamberlin, discussing her reasons for resigning from the Mormon Tabernacle Choir (MoTab). Additionally, Jan helps respond to a listener’s question about her relationship with her son who has left the church. Jan gives personal insight into how she, as an active Latter-day Saint, has worked on maintaining a strong and fruitful relationship with some of her children who have journeyed away from orthodox LDS beliefs.

The Families and Faith Journeys survey is about family reactions to belief changes. It will take about 1 minute and the HMJ Foundation will use the completely anonymous/confidential results to protect and improve relationships despite changes in belief. Click on this link to participate.

Also, for those interested, here is a link to Jan Chamberlin’s CNN interview about her decision to resign from MoTab.

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016: Discussing Your Faith Journey With Your Missionaries

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In today’s episode Carrie and Ross from the acclaimed podcast “Oh No Ross & Carrie” (do yourself a favor and check them out ohnopodcast.com) help us answer a listeners question who is concerned about being honest/transparent about his faith journey away from the church, both with himself and the missionaries who baptized him, while at the same time not lose the friendship they currently enjoy.

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015: In-Laws, Faith Journeys, and Boundaries

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In today’s podcast Dr. Money, along w/ her active LDS father-in-law answer a caller’s question regarding how to negotiate their in-laws who disagree with her and her husband’s faith journey away from the LDS Church. If discussions of appropriate boundaries and the best way to set them peak your interest, the Healthy Mormon Journey foundation has prepared a workbook called “Faith Journeys and Boundaries: A Practical Workbook” available as a free download at hmjfoundation.org/boundaries.

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011-014: Kevin Rahm on Growing up Mormon, Mission, BYU, Acting Career, and Reaching Peace and Balance

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EP011: Dr. Kristy Money marks off one of her bucket list items as she interviews actor and former Mormon, Kevin Rahm. In this first of four episode series, Kevin discusses growing up Mormon, his LDS mission, along with his initial questions and doubts. 

EP012: In this second of four episode series, Kevin discusses his time at BYU, discovering acting, and the beginning of his faith journey.

EP013: In this third of four episode series, Kevin and Dr. Money answer a listener’s question regarding balancing truth vs happiness. They also discuss external vs internal validation along with raising their children with the experience of themselves having been raised in an orthodox environment.

EP014: In this fourth of four episode series, to introduce a mental health break, Dr. Money gets all fan-girl on Kevin’s impressive fimlography.

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010: Healthy MoJo for Your Marriage

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In this weeks episode of the Healthy MoJo podcast (see what we did there!) we introduce two new series:

  1. updates from previous episodes (today we hear back from James from ep. 008)
  2. a practical tune-up approach to your marriage. Kristy Money and her husband model this approach and you can download the free workbook on hmjfoundation.org/materials to give it whirl for yourself. We are in fact looking for couples to model some of these exercises on the podcast – contact us at hmjfoundation.org/contact to participate.

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009: Dr. Julie de Azevedo-Hanks on What TO Say and Not to Say

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How do you start a discussion with someone who is on their journey of leaving the church without offending them? Dr. Julie de Azevedo-Hanks and Dr. Kristy Money answer Laura’s questions about how to best approach and draw boundaries when compassionately reaching out to those on a faith journey.

Links from episode:
Circles of Intimacy
100 phrases to say and to NOT say to your loved ones who think/believe differently from you

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008: Baptisms and Honesty about a Faith Journey

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We take two questions from today’s caller, a husband and father whose family means  the world to him and his daughter will soon turn 8.  1) How do I deal w/ wanting to be honest about my faith journey with my wife/family 2) how do I empower my daughter in her decision to pursue a career or become a stay-at-home-mom.

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007: Part 2 of 2 with Chelsea Shields

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Kristy and Chelsea answer another question on how to stop thinking about the church when you live in an area (like the Jello Belt) with constant reminders, like living in the same town as your ex-boyfriend and seeing him everywhere, the listener asked. You won’t want to miss Chelsea’s insights on cultural iconography and subculture growth.

006: Part 1 with Chelsea Shields on Disownment

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Chelsea Shields–anthropologist and TED Fellow–and Dr. Money answer an anonymous listener’s question about managing anxiety that he would be disowned. Chelsea has unique insight while answering this question given her own family history coming from a very orthodox family and speaks to how she maintains a healthy relationship with her parents.

One final suggestion that we didn’t get to on the podcast: Last year an LDS Charities video had a father suggesting that if his adult children left the church he would disinherit them. I’m willing to give the church the benefit of the doubt they didn’t catch it when they finalized the video, since the video was about teaching children altruism through example. However, when the clip about disowning was brought to the church’s attention, they immediately took down the entire video. You can keep this fact in your back pocket to help manage anxiety: in a worst case scenario if your loved ones do threaten to disown you can show them through timestamped internet history how the church itself doesn’t support this because they took down a video of a father saying as much–they didn’t want to endorse that man’s views.

In Part 2 Chelsea answers a second anonymous question about how to stop thinking about the church so often when you live in LDS-heavy areas and you see reminders everywhere. Chelsea has spent most of the last 15 years in Utah County and SLC and answers from her cultural anthropological expertise too.

005: How Much Church History Should I Bring Up?

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It’s normal to worry that when your family finds out where you’re at in your faith journey, they might think it happened because you were lazy or didn’t study enough when really the opposite is true: you studied church history *in depth*. Understandably, you don’t want them to think you are lazy, or didn’t study enough, or are being led by Satan.

How much, then, do you tell them about what you learned? How much do you risk straining the relationship? Do you try to tell them everything? Join Paul and I as we discuss how to handle this dilemma while preserving relationships, because, as you’ll hear in Paul’s voice, his family means so much to him and he doesn’t want to lose them.

For those that are interesting, as a therapeutic process when he was in the throes of his faith crisis/awakening, Paul chose to write out his thoughts, and you can read them here: www.mormonapologies.com