Support the HMJ Foundation (“Healthy MoJo”)

All donations are 100% tax deductible and go toward the direct services we offer to families and other relationships in crisis.  Monthly subscriptions are especially helpful  in our planning direct services and support for families in need given the resources we anticipate from regular donors. It ensures our sustainability: We hope to keep families, marriages, and friendships strong for generations to come.  Enter your employer’s name (HMJ will keep 100% confidential) to see if they will double your donation! Details on Employer Matching Program Search here.

Want to thank someone who made a difference in your journey? You can make your gift on behalf of a loved one or friend. HMJ will send them a thank you card that you can customize if you so desire. Instructions will immediately follow the completed donation.

Employer? (For Donor Matching)
Maybe a friend or loved one in transition:

  • Said they respected your beliefs
  • Supported your activity
  •  Expressed how they didn’t want to hurt you
  • Didn’t try to change your mind about your religion
  • Supported you without judgment
  • Gave you space when you had a faith crisis and just listened
Donate In Their Name
Maybe an active/believing loved one:

  • Made a difference in your own faith journey
  • Showed their unconditional support
  • Asked questions to understand even if they disagreed
  • Made it clear they’d always love you
  • Told you they respected your decision
  • Always welcomed you to family/friend events
Donate In Their Name
Maybe they didn’t treat you the way you’d hoped BUT:

  • You feel forgiveness will help you move on
  • Treating them the way you want to be treated feels healthy
  • You think a gift like this could be an olive branch
  • You’d like them to know about HMJ for future relationship support if another loved one has a faith crisis
  • Seeing another relationship helped in their name brings closure
  • Such a gift could be a respectful conversation starter
Donate In Their Name

One of my best friends, very active in the church sent me an HMJ podcast last night. She said that it was excellent and summarized how responding with love was the best way to maintain relationships with those who leave the church and how many of those people leaving are big-hearted, good people of integrity. I responded with, 'Well, I hope everyone in my circle listens and responds this way.' And we hugged. WIN!


Being in between jobs, my wife and I couldn't afford counseling and my faith crisis was really driving a wedge. Being able to work through our issues without judgment or feeling persuaded one way or another to stay or leave the church together was exactly what we needed.


I wish this foundation had existed when my daughter told us she was having a faith crisis, I think counseling could have saved us from some unnecessary strain in the relationship. Luckily I was able to send this to our grandson and he could tell we were here to support him, and he responded that he respected our beliefs and was so happy to know we were there for him. Thanks for a great experience HMJ!