Did you know over 2,000 companies match donations that their employees give to registered nonprofits like HMJ?  They will double your donation!  Most employees aren’t even made aware their companies do this.  Each year, $10 billion of employer matching gift money goes unclaimed, which represents about $20 billion to nonprofits. These programs are zero cost to employees, and you get to see your charitable gift go twice as far!   HMJ is so grateful for your support, that we will do the work for you!  Simply submit your company name while completing your donation, or here:

    and HMJ will take care of the rest.  HMJ will search the charitable match database anonymously to see if your company is one of these 2,000, and if it is we will get back to you within 24 hrs to complete the process.*  Thank you for considering this simple and effective way to double your support of our work @ HMJ!  Below are only a few examples of the 2,000 companies that will match their employee’s charitable contributions to HMJ.  Some are big names, other’s aren’t so it never hurts to let us check for you:

    *HMJ will keep every donor’s contact/identifying information 100% confidential, because protecting donor identity is of the utmost importance to us.  Your employer will only know you are donating to HMJ if you release that information yourself later in the process, we would never do that without your consent.