Our Mormon Journeys

Series Guidelines

The goal of
the Our Mormon Journeys series is to show the spectrum of stories from people who experience a faith crisis/awakening/transition. We want YOUR story on this podcast! No matter how mundane you think your story is, sharing your journey can be a cathartic experience for yourself, and a huge help for others out there who are enduring similar struggles.

This podcast is “host free,” which means that you can record your story on your own time, and then send it to us when you’re done. We suggest using PCloud Transfer, with ourmormonjourneys@gmail.com as the recipient. 

Please consider the following guidelines when submitting your podcast:


  • This podcast is about Mormons and former Mormons who have been through a faith crisis, so this part of your story (and the before/after) should be a significant part of your recording.
  • Be Kind. Respect the beliefs of others whenever possible, and do not use this as a venue to put down or shame someone else.
  • Do not mention anyone else by name unless you have their permission to do so. (The one exception is well-known individuals, such as General Authorities, politicians, etc.)
  • Include a question at the end of your podcast. Dr. Kristy Money will then give her professional take on this question in part 2 of each episode. This question can be one that might pertain to you personally and help you with your own faith journey, or a totally hypothetical question that doesn’t have to do with your experience but might be helpful for others. (It might even be a question you already know the answer to, and is a personal strength for you, but you think a detailed discussion of the topic may benefit others who are struggling.)

Suggested Outline

The purpose of this podcast is to share the complex stories of those in the Mormon community who have experienced a faith crisis/awakening in their lives. So, please try to focus your narrative on this aspect of your life story. Here are some suggestions to guide your story. Don’t try to answer them all – pick only the ones that are the most relevant to your journey. These are meant to get you thinking about how you want to frame your episode.

  • Brief Introduction. However you might introduce yourself to a new friend. Perhaps name, where you’re from, age, etc. Whatever feels right to you.
  • What was your life like before your faith crisis/transition/awakening? For instance, you could explain what Mormonism meant to you, what the culture was like, your feelings, your struggles, how you perceived the church, etc. Of course, you should include any details about yourself that you think others would find fascinating, and that make your story unique.
  • What caused your crisis/awakening? How did it all go down? Your Mormon journey took an unexpected turn here. What happened and how did it make you feel? How did it affect your life? What did you do to cope with this paradigm shift?
  • What was your life like after the crisis? Describe your life after the crisis and up to the present day – changes in religious activity, your feelings, your struggles, how you perceive and interact with the LDS Church now, how you deal with evolving family/friend relationships, etc.
  • Bear your “testimony.” What are your current beliefs? What practices, spiritual or otherwise, bring beauty, truth, and goodness to your life? What gives you hope now? What keeps you going?

Other Suggestions

  • Your recording can be any length. We do think around 30 minutes is the ideal time for listeners to get a good feel for your story, but not become too bogged down with details.
  • Expressing feelings of anger is good, but angry outbursts of blame and name-calling are discouraged. We don’t want every episode to sound like an “angry Anti-Mormon rant,” but instead portray the diversity of feelings and life choices of transitioning and former Mormons.
  • Please be mindful of your language. Frequent cursing may make listeners uncomfortable.


  • We reserve the right to edit your recording as we deem necessary.
  • We reserve the right to choose not to publish your podcast, or to remove your podcast at a later date.
  • If at any time you would like us to remove your podcast, please contact us and we will try our best to remove it in a timely manner.