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Boundaries Workbook

See the most common situations people on faith journeys and their loved ones face, and learn to set healthy boundaries!

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Changing Minds Workbook

Learn about some common do’s and don’t if you want someone to understand your journey, or change their mind about you.

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Mixed-Faith Marriage Workbook

Based on the research of world-renowned marriage expert Dr. John Gottman, complete exercises with your partner to protect your relationship from stress that often accompanies a faith journey

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Grief Workbook

Learn about why you and your loved one may be in completely opposite places emotionally during your faith journey:  your progress through the stages of grief are mismatched or “out-of-sync.”

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100 Phrases To Say/NOT To Say

Been stuck not knowing what to say?  Choose from 4 lists, 25 phrases per list: things to say and things NOT to say to believing loved ones and those who’ve left. Or download all 4 lists!   All gorgeously formatted for easy sharing

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More materials with broad application for marriages, family members, friends, and your community at large coming soon, with your help!