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027: Catching Up with the Cannons One Year Later

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In the first of a series, today Kristy gets back together with Mitzi and Scott Cannon a year after their original interviews to talk about where they are in their…

026: RationalFaiths Interview With Kristy Money about Healthy Mormon Journeys

| podcast | No Comments

A co-production with the RationalFaiths podcast, in this episode Leah Marie Pickren Silverman and Michael Barker of RationalFaiths interview Dr. Kristy Money about her work with the Healthy Mormon Journeys…

025: Women’s Sexuality During a Faith Journey

| podcast | No Comments

Mitzi (of Mitzi and Scott interviewed in Episode 24) was gracious to return to the podcast for an interview alone as she and Dr. Kristy Money discuss her sexual history,…

024: Update with Dr. Money plus Porn and Marriage

| podcast | One Comment

Dr. Money updates listeners on the crazy events of the last couple weeks since the last episode (moving! babies! new job!), and releases an episode on porn and mixed faith…

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